Everything You Need to Know for KITAS Investors in Indonesia – An investor is an individual, company or entity that invests with the aim of making a profit. Investors can make loans, buy shares, guarantee to pay creditors, or even contribute with labor. Indonesia is a country with a large workforce and abundant natural resources. This makes Indonesia one of the most promising countries for investment.

Many fields are opened for foreign investment (PMA), of course by paying attention to the investment guidelines listed in Presidential Regulation Number 44 of 2016 concerning List of Closed Business Fields and Conditional Open Business Fields in the Investment Sector.

Then what about the residence permits of these investors while in Indonesia? This article will discuss everything you need to know about Investor KITAS and how to get it. See also: Frequently asked questions about of kITAS.

What is Investor KITAS

What is Investor KITAS? 

Investor Kitas are types of Kitas intended for investors who invest in companies. Kitas Investor, a visa specially made to meet the needs of investors doing business in Indonesia. To facilitate matters related to residence permits in Indonesia. Investor KITAS is a product of several system reforms which are also included in Presidential Decree no. 20/2018 concerning Investor KITAS in Indonesia and BKPM Presidential Decree No.5 / 2019.

Types of investor KITAS

In Indonesia, investor KITAS can be categorised into two:

  1. Index 313: one-year Kitas
  2. Index 314: two-year Kitas

Advantages of KITAS Investors

  1. In Presidential Decree No. 20/2018 concerning the Use of Foreign Workers in Indonesia and Regulation of the Investment Coordinating Board of the REPUBLIC of INDONESIA
    No. 5/2019 concerning Amendments to the Investment Coordinating Board Regulation No. 6/2018 concerning Guidelines and Procedures for Licensing and Investment Facilities. Investor Kitas holders do not need to apply for a work permit anymore. Work permit is no longer required. For Investor Kitas holders (reduces government fees by US $ 100 per month / $ 1200 per year / DKP-TKA)
  2. Investor Kitas can be extended for a length of stay of 6 years in Indonesia.
  3. Can Convertion Status from Limited Stay Permit to Permanent Stay Permit.
  4. Investors can support dependents.

How To Qualify For Investor KITAS

  1. The company has at least 25% of paid-up capital.
  2. A foreigner as a shareholder who serves as a director or commissioner of a company provided that the minimum share ownership is Rp. 1,000,000,000 or its equivalent in United States dollars and stated in the deed.
  3. Foreigners who are shareholders who do not serve as directors or commissioners of the company with the provision of share ownership of at least Rp1,125,000,000 or its equivalent in United States dollars as stated in the deed.

Documents Needed to Get an Investor KITAS?

  1. Investor passports with a minimum validity period of 18 (eighteen) months for a 1 year KITAS application (and those with a validity period of more than 30 (thirty) months can submit a 2 year KITAS application)
  2. Company establishment deed and amendments (if any)
  3. Ratification from the Ministry of Law and Human Rights (MOLHR) the sponsor of the company / Decree of the Justice for the Establishment of the Company and its Amendments (if any)
  4. Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP)
  5. Business Domicile, Business License, Business Identification Number (NIB)
  6. Identity Card, KTP and NPWP of the Indonesian Director if he has an Indonesian Director. If not, KTP and NPWP guarantor for foreigners (Min. HR Manager level position)
  7. Bank account statement for the last 3 months, with a minimum balance of USD 1500
  8. Photo 4×6 cm size

What is the Procedure for KITAS Investor?

  1. Online Visa Account Registration at https://visa-online.imigration.go.id/ 
  2. After you already have a Visa Online Account, please log in
  3. Apply for and process eVisa at the Directorate General of Immigration
  4. Paying Non-Tax State Revenues) – PNBP
  5. The verification process. The process will take 3-5 working days.
  6. Notification of eVisa approval is issued
  7. Entering Indonesia. Immigration at the airport will provide a sticker / stamp for the arrival of the eVisa Investor holder
  8. After entering Indonesia, the applicant then processes the conversion of eVisa (e Limited Stay Visa) to Kitas (Limited Stay Permit) at the Local Immigration Office.
  9. During this process the applicant will visit the Immigration office once for Biometrics and an interview.
  10. 3-4 days after the biometrics and interview the immigration office will return the passport along with the delivery of the electronic Kitas to the applicant.


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  1. Steve McRae

    Hello my C314 visa expires in Feb2022 I am not currently in Indonesia can I extend my current visa. I left Indonesia in March 2021 due to Covid19 and have not returned yet I plan to return in Jan or Feb 2022.

    • Indoservice

      Hi Steve. It can be with an extension, or with a skip biometric service. But there are several factors that should be known further. For consultation, you can directly call or whatsapp to +62818-1881-1887.

    • Omer

      What is the good time to renew my kitas? Because im panning to travel outside indonesia and my kits will expire in 4 months.. Thanks

      • Indoservice

        Hi Omer. 1 month before the expiry of the Kitas, you have to do an extension. If you need help, Indoservice can help you to renew your Kitas, Please call or whatsapp to +62818-1881-1887.


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