New Normal Period of Indonesian Visa and Stay Permit Services – In order to support the recovery of the national economy in the adaptation period for new habits today. Indonesian Immigration has issued new regulations regarding visas and residence permits. This regulation is stated in the Regulation of the Minister of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia Number 26 of 2020.

In this regulation, the Government of Indonesia has changed the criteria for foreigners who are exempted from the temporary prohibition of foreigners from entering the territory of the Republic of Indonesia.

Indonesia has reopened Visa Services for foreign citizens who wish to enter Indonesian territory for the purposes of work, investment or family unification and those who wish to extend their stay permits by applying the Health Protocol procedures established by the Ministry of Health and or related institution that handles COVID-19.

Here are The Points from This Regulation:

Regulation Indonesia Visa and Permit

1. Foreigners who hold valid and visa and/or stay permits can enter Indonesian territory through certain Immigration Checkpoints after fulfilling the Health Protocol.

2. Visa and/or stay permit holders as referred above consist of:

a. Official visa;
b. Diplomatic visa;
c. Visiting visa;
d. Limited Stay Visa;
e. Official Stay Permit;
f. Diplomatic Stay Permit;
g. Limited Stay Permit; and
h. Permanent Residence Permit.

▸ The visiting visa as referred above is a visit visa for 1 (one) trip which is given in the context of:

a. Emergency and urgent work;
b. Business conference;
c. Purchases of goods;
d. Skills testing for prospective foreign workers;
e. Medical and food aid and support personnel; and
f. Join the means of transportation in the territory of Indonesia.

▸ Limited Stay Visa as referred to above is for the purpose of working and family union:

a. Expert workers;
b. Work on ships, floating equipment, or installations operating in the archipelago waters, territorial sea, or continental shelf, as well as the Indonesian Exclusive Economic Zone;
c. Quality of goods or production supervision;
d. Inspections or audits at company branches in Indonesia;
e. After sales;
f. Install and repair machines;
g. Non-permanent construction work; and
h. Skills testing for prospective foreign workers;
i. Capital Investment;
j. Family Unification;
k. International Elderly Tourists.

3. Apart from foreigners who hold visas and/or stay permits, those who can enter Indonesian territory as referred above are:

4. The person in charge for transportation equipment coming from outside the Indonesian territory can also enter Indonesian territory.

5. The provision of free visit visas and visit visas on arrival is temporarily suspended until the COVID-19 pandemic is declared to have ended by the ministry or agency that handles COVID-19.


  • The temporary suspension of granting free visit visas and visit visas on arrival applies to foreigners subject to free visit visas listed in the attachment to Presidential Regulation No. 21 of 2016.
  • The temporary suspension of granting free visit visas and visit visas on arrival also applies to foreigners subject to visit visas on arrival as stated in the Attachment to the Regulation of the Minister of Law and Human Rights Number 39 of 2015 concerning the Ninth Amendment to the Regulation of the Minister of Law and Human Rights Number M.HH-01.GR.01.06 of 2010 concerning Visit Visas on Arrival.
  • The temporary suspension of granting free visit visas and visit visas on arrival applies except for the crew of the transportation means who arrive using their means of transportation.
  • Regulations regarding diplomatic visa exemptions and official visas are carried out by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Visas and limited stay visas as referred above must obtain approval from the Director General of Immigration and must have a Guarantor, below are additional documents required in the Visa Approval process, either Visit Visa or Limited Stay Visa (apart from the usual requirements) attached below:

1. A health certificate containing a statement of being free from COVID-19 in English issued by an agency authorized by the government in country of origin;

2. A statement letter in English stating that they are willing to enter quarantine and/or treatment at their own expense at a quarantine facility or health service facility designated by the government if a PCR examination by Indonesian health authorities at the country’s entrance gives a positive result (+), or there are clinical symptoms of COVID -19 according to health protocol and statutory provisions;

3. Statement letter of willingness to be carried out independently of health monitoring during quarantine or isolation in accordance with health protocols and statutory provisions; and

4. Proof of ownership of health insurance / travel insurance which includes health financing, and / or a statement letter of willingness to pay independently if affected by COVID-19 while in Indonesia.

For visiting visa applicants as referred above, apart from meeting the requirements, the Guarantor must attach proof of availability of funds of at least US$ 10,000 (ten thousand US Dollars) or the equivalent from a financial institution or bank in Indonesia to meet the necessities of life while in Indonesia. Visit visa and limited stay visa as referred above can be issued electronically in the form of eVisa.

The obligation to attach proof of availability of funds as referred to above is exempted for medical and food aid and support personnel as well as transportation equipment crews.

Holders of Visiting Stay Permits, Limited Stay Permits and Permanent Stay Permits

Indonesian Stay Permit

A. Visiting Stay Permit Holders

Foreigners who hold a visiting stay permit who have obtained a forced stay permit and are in the territory of Indonesia can apply for an extension of a stay permit at the Immigration Office in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations. The visit residence permit as referred to is the one that originates from:

a. Visiting visa on arrival:
b. One-time visit visa;
c. Visiting visa multiple times; and
d. APEC Businessman Travel Card (KPP APEC).

Visiting Stay Permit as referred to above, can be converted into a Limited Stay Permit. And if the extension will get a residence permit within 30 (thirty) days.

B. Limited Stay Permit/KITAS holders

Foreigners who hold a limited stay permit or permanent stay permit who have obtained an emergency stay permit and are in Indonesian territory, can be granted an extension based on a limited stay permit or a previous permanent stay permit.

A limited stay permit that has been extended as referred above can be converted into a permanent stay permit in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations.

Foreigners who hold limited stay permits or permanent stay permits that cannot be extended according to the provisions of laws and regulations, can be granted a new residence permit after obtaining visa approval.

In this case the Foreigner who holds a limited stay permit, permanent stay permit, or re-entry permit from the holder of a permanent residence permit that has expired and is outside the territory of Indonesia, the stay permit is declared expired and must apply for a visa to be able to enter Indonesian territory.

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